Cutting-Edge Training / Leadership Development

Southern Industries is 100% committed to the success of our team. We offer more than a “job” we offer a journey into a career of leadership and teamwork, which all starts with our Training and Development programs.

We offer:

  • Cutting-edge training by industry leaders
  • On-going, follow-up and on-the-job training by certified trainers
  • Leadership development and advancement training
  • Cross-training multiple positions

Here are Just Some of the Leaders You’ll Experience

–Rodney Webb

Residing in Atlanta GA, Rodney is a renowned author, publisher, international keynote speaker and leading sales trainer in multiple arenas. He has made record breaking strides from his humble start as a telemarketer turned business owner, forging his way to his most current and coveted title as the number one sales trainer in the home improvement industry.

The 20 year sales veteran is affectionately known throughout the industry as “The 91% Guy” due to his unheard of ninety-one percent close rate.

More than a third of the top Replacement 100 corporations have Rodney Webb on speed dial and he currently serves as a sales coach and adviser to several multi-billion dollar conglomerates such as Jiffy Lube, Owens Corning and Capital One Finance.

Rodney’s training seminars are infamous for providing real-life scenarios, contagious motivation and escalating the bottom line for major corporations and individual sales professionals alike.

Rodney Webb Training

–Tony Hoty

Tony Hoty has trained thousands of individual marketers on his proven methodologies.

When it comes to lead generation in the home remodeling industry, Tony Hoty is a true pioneer. His years of experience in the field have made him a master in the area of door to door canvassing, show & event marketing, as well as lead handling and conversion.

As a proven professional, Tony prides himself on providing only the most cutting edge information and state of the art training techniques to help both individuals and businesses achieve greater results.

–General Jeffrey Foley

General Jeffrey W. Foley is from Cincinnati, Ohio, graduated from West Point, and served 32 years in the United States Army earning the rank of Brigadier General.

Throughout his military career he served in leadership positions around the world, in constantly changing environments, adapting to new organizations, all the time focused on the accomplishment of the mission and taking care of people.

He is a speaker, author, and leadership consultant focused on coaching executives and helping them build high performing organizations.medal in the same battle.

General Jeffrey Foley Training

Get Paid While You Learn

Also, there are many employment opportunities in the fields of sales and marketing.

You will be given the opportunity to learn from our trained and experienced sales and marketing professionals and get paid while you are being trained.

Set Up to Succeed

Our founder, Jim Felton, founded this company on the principals of treating people right. He built his company on that foundation – valuing both his customers and his employees.

When you join the Southern Industries team, you are set up to succeed. You will receive the education, inspiration and the motivation that is required to take you to the next level.

More Than a Business

Southern Industries is much more than just a business. We are a network of creative and dedicated individuals that believe in the core values of integrity, excellence, innovation, and teamwork.

When you join our team, we offer you much more than just the opportunity of employment. We offer you an opportunity to make a difference.

Opportunity for Success

Southern Industries is the one of the most respected and fastest growing home improvement companies in the Southeast.

Because of our continued success and growth, we are always on the look out for aspiring and innovative men and women to join our team.

Southern Industries believes in pushing people up. We feel that our success is due to the combined efforts and successes of our valued employees.

When the members of our team succeed, then we succeed.

Why We LOVE Our Fantastic New Career...

Why We LOVE Our Fantastic New Career...

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